Chocolate Rabbit Family

SISTER Peppermint, known as "Pippa" to her friends, is a keen photography student who especially loves pictures that capture people and the way they live. She has looked after her brother and baby sister since she was very little, and is quite capable of keeping the family together. Once she left school she bought a small flat from the money her parents left her in their wills, and she took Coco and Creme out of care to live there with her.

BROTHER Coco is an excellent mathematician, but he's not the most social of critters. He's very close to his older sister, who has always looked after him, and tells her everything. After school he hopes to study mathematics, but he's a little too nervous at the moment to consider applying to the University of Rut. He's very unsure about whether he would cope without his sister, but she encourages him further every day.

BABY Creme is quiet and kind hearted, and loves to bake with her sister. Her favourite thing to make is cookies because she gets to mix and mould the dough with her hands, which she finds very funny.

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