Hawthorn White Mouse Family

FATHER Hickory Hawthorn is the school janitor and local odd-job man. He's brilliant with a spanner and can fix anything that's not working; be it car, light, pipe or shelf. Despite this ability, their house is constantly in an industrial mess as he tries to improve this or decorate that. Imogen has warned him that if he touches the kitchen worktops again she'll throw his beloved tools out the window.

MOTHER Imogen Hawthorn loves things to be neat and tidy - and often wonders how she managed to marry a man with exactly the opposite preferences! As well as having a tidy house, Imogen tells her family to strive for a "tidy life". She likes to organise every event and activity, writing it on the family calendar as well as in each of her two diaries. When Hickory announces an unplanned trip she pretends to be frustrated - but in reality that's what she loves about her husband: his spontaneity.

BROTHER Bruce Hawthorn loves football, rowdy games of capture the flag and mud, mud, mud. No matter how many times his mother washes his clothes they always turn up with another stain, another tear. Recently his father has been trying to calm his wild ways a little by teaching him some mechanics. Bruce gets distracted however, and will often disappear with his father's skateboard - intended for rolling under the car, not for making a getaway!

SISTER Laurel Hawthorn adores her brother, and hopes to be just like him - though perhaps not as muddy. She is constantly following him around (to his great frustration, it must be said) and trying to do all the adventurous things he does. This has often got her into scrapes though - she climbed a tree after seeing him go up, and then she got stuck. Her father had to bring his ladder to get her down!

BABY BOY Matt could win a gold medal at the baby crawling olympics, or so his father tells everyone. He does have an absurd amount of energy, and can sprint impressively fast on all fours. Imogen is a bit worried about what will happen when he starts walking... She may have to buy some baby reins to make sure he doesn't run off everywhere!

BABY GIRL Mel is a very cheeky baby indeed. All the mothers of the village adore her, always commenting on how sweet and clean she is. At nursery however, she's a tyrant - throwing sand everywhere and jumping in the mud without wellies on. Her mother has no idea though, because by the time she comes to pick her up Mel looks positively angelic whilst having her nap.

This was my first family, hence the dreadful condition they are in. Mel was bought to replace the original, which was accidentally given away - which is why she looks very clean compared to her family!

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