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This is a full list of all the Sylvanian Families products I own. This page is mainly for personal reference, should I ever need to replace them, but I've also added reference numbers, which you may find useful!

Figure Sets

Families - F

Buckley Red Deer family, Ref: 72F
Cottontail Grey Rabbit family, Ref: ?
Hawthorn White Mouse family, Ref: 54F
Hopkins Champagne Rabbit family, Ref: 47F
Mulberry Raccoon family, Ref: 32F
Osborne Bear family, Ref: 82F
Outback Koala family, Ref: ?
Springer Kangaroo family, Ref: 77F
Tuxedo Cat Family, Ref: 88F

Babies and Twins - G, B, T

Buttermilk Rabbit baby girl, Ref: 38G
Cottontail Rabbit baby girl, Ref: 24G
Hawthorn White Mouse twins, Ref: 54T
Tuxedo Cat triplets (Calico Critters), Ref: ?

Grandparents - GP

Village Store Owners, Ref: 80GP


Buildings - B

Houses and Homes

Caravan, Ref: B73
Applewood Cottage, Ref: ?
Babblebrook Grange, Ref: ?
Bluebell Cottage, Ref: ?
House on the Hill, Ref: ?
Rose Cottage Starter Set, Ref: ?

Shops and Restaurants

Sylvanian Toy Shop, Ref: B22
Dress Shop, Ref: B76
Village Store, Ref: B88
Village Kitchen Restaurant, Ref: ?


Forest Nursery, Ref: B102
St Francis' School and Library, Ref: ?


Bluebell Seven Seater, Ref: B96
Family Saloon Car, Ref: B101
Nursery Double Decker Bus, Ref: B103


General Hospital, Ref: ?
Ambulance, Ref: ?

Family Life - FL

Cycling Adventure, Ref: FL18
Party Dress Shopping, Ref: FL23
Home Party Set, Ref: FL36
The New Arrival, Ref: FL38
Dinner Lady and Lollipopman, Ref: FL41
Primrose Creche Figure Set, Ref: FL43
Katie and Maisie Go Shopping, Ref: FL47
Chocolate Rabbit Brother Set, Ref: FL49
Beach Fun and Games, Ref: FL52
Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set, Ref: FL53
Village Postman, Ref: FL54
Tandem Bike and Baby Trailer, Ref: FL62
Francesca the Fish Fryer and Sonny the Customer, Ref: FL63
Sister at Home, Ref: ? (Earliest version with Hannah Periwinkle)
Music Lesson set, Ref: ? (With Basset and Cheshire girls)

Stalls - S

Village Gift Shop, Ref: S3
Village Sweet Shop, Ref: S26
Village Shoe Shop, Ref: ? (Earliest release)

Sylvanian Games - SG

Souvenir Shop and Grandstand, Ref: SG1
Gymnastics, Ref: SG3
Athletics, Ref: SG5

Hospital and Medical - H

Paramedic and Patient, Ref: H16
Country Nurse Set, Ref: H19

Outside/Other - O

School Lunch Set, Ref: O22
Vegetable Garden, Ref: O28
Garden Swing, Ref: O49
Fountain and Bench, Ref: O50
Woodland Picnic, Ref: O52
Beach Picnic, Ref: O55
Family Garden, Ref: ?


Kitchen - K

Rustic Cabin Kitchen Set, Ref: K2
White Fridge and Accessories, Ref: K9
Washing Machine, Ref: K34
Welsh Dresser, Ref: K36
Country Kitchen, Ref: K44
Family Table and Chairs, Ref: K45

Bedroom - C

Sweet dreams bed, Ref: C16
Master Bedroom Set, Ref: C19
Bedroom Furniture Set, Ref: C21
Semi-Double Bed, Ref: C23
Dressing table and accessories, Ref: C30
Sleepy Time Bed, Ref: C37
Children's Tea Party, Ref: C39
Children's Furniture Collection, Ref: C40
Children's Bedroom Furniture Collection - (Smyths Toy Store, Pink Furniture), Ref: ?

Nursery - N

Children's Bedroom Furniture, Ref: N2 (x3)
Nightlight Nursery Set, Ref: N74
Triple Bunk Beds, Ref: N93

Living Room - L

White Upright Piano, Ref: L18
Deluxe Living Room, Ref: L28
Deluxe TV Set, Ref: L44
Father Christmas and Tree, Ref: L45
Sofa and Armchairs Set, Ref: L57
Dining Room Set, Ref: L56

Bathroom - T

Small Bathroom Set, Ref: T15
Luxury loo, Ref: T16

Wedding Series - WS

Wedding Cake and Accessories, Ref: WS13
Wedding Chapel with Honeydew Wedding Couple, Ref: ?
Bridesmaid Set with Melody and Mimi Honeydew, Ref: ?

Fashion and Beauty - CF

Red dress for sister, Ref: CF52

Carry Cases

Polar bear on duck tricycle
Cottontail rabbit on pink and yellow tricycle
Chantilly cat in crib
Macavity cat at nursery school desk

Special Figures

Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister and Dresser Box - Collectors Club Special, Ref: LP29
Cheerleader Set with Michaela Renard and Ruby Sparkle - Collectors Club Special, Ref: ?
Buckley Red Deer Baby Keyring, Ref: ?
Japanese Keats Cat Older Sister - Collectors Club Special, Ref: ?
Japanese Garden Rabbit baby keychain, Ref: ?
Japanese Rabbit Sister with yellow part dress, Ref: ?

Separate Figures (mainly bought second hand from eBay)

Roxy Renard
Baden Renard
Basil the Chef
Suzette the Waitress
Easy Buy Mouse sister

For a full list of Sylvanian Families and their reference numbers, visit my Encyclopaedia page here.

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