Outback Koala Family

FATHER Charles is best friends with Darwin Springer, whom he has known since they were both very small. When the Springer family moved to Glen Fallow, Charles received many gloating letters discussing how perfect the village was - eventually he couldn't take the constant bragging any more and he decided to move too.

MOTHER Carissa was initially adverse to the suggestion of moving halfway across Sylvania to a remote village, but - as usual - Charles managed to persuade her. She's preparing for the grand opening of her new business, a cafe on the Buckley Estate to cater for the tourists expected to visit over the summer high season.

SISTER Annabelle is a sweet, softly spoken little girl who loves people and anything pretty. She's very excited to be started nursery, and hopes to make lots of new friends! She's also very keen on the idea of helping her mum run a cafe - the potential for leftovers of cake is very appealing!

BABY SISTER Michelle is a wide-eyed baby who just loves to take in her surroundings. She's had an eventful first year of life moving across Sylvania and meeting many people along the way. She loves being slung across her mummy's back, so she can watch the world go by and then take a little snooze when the scenery gets a bit boring.

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