Renard Fox Family

MOTHER Roxy Renard is the constituency MP for Glen Fallow, and also the Personal Assistant to Albert Farthing, the Prime Minister of Sylvania. As a result she is a very busy woman indeed, constantly corresponding with the politicians of the nation and the people of her village. She never sits still!

SISTER Scarlett Renard loves two things; climbing and the night. During the day she tries to fit in as much time as she can at the local climbing wall, and she's currently taking a course with Adrian Blackthorn to become an accredited instructor! At night she likes to sneak out, climb a tree and look up at the stars.

BROTHER Baden Renard is a dapper young chap who plans to study Archaeology when he leaves school. He's Mr Osborne's best history pupil, and they often go on trips together to nearby hill forts and ancient remains.

The Renards live in Rose Cottage, but plan to buy a larger house to accommodate Roxy's work office.

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