Winter-Night Rabbit Family

NURSE Emily Winters is a very shy rabbit indeed. When she was just a small bunny her parents both died from an infection that gripped most of Sylvania. She grew up in the orphanage in the city of Rut before studying to be a nurse. Hating the city life, she moved on her own to Glen Fallow, where she finds the people an awful lot less intimidating than the noisy city folk! She has kept her maiden name as a tribute to her parents.

PARAMEDIC Thomas Nightingale had to pursue his soul mate for a long time before she was confident enough to speak to him. Thomas originates from a faraway part of Sylvania, and thus his colouring is quite different to the rabbits native to the Island of Rut. He originally planned to travel across the globe, but when he arrived in Glen Fallow and saw the girl of his dreams he simply couldn't leave.

BABY Hannah Winter-Night is perhaps the healthiest baby in all of Sylvania, having parents who work in the medical profession. Her mummy and daddy thought long and hard on how to form her second name, thinking "Nightingale-Winters" was a bit of a mouthful. When Hannah was born on a cold night in January though, the snow seemed to give the answer. Her daddy has high hopes for her - and thinks that "Winter-Night" would look marvellous in the history books.

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