Snow Warren Rabbit Family

Left to right: Renée, Rory, Kerri, Hannah, Lindsey, Leo.

FATHER Rory is a gardener by profession and in personality the complete opposite of his brother-in-law Hugo. He is in charge of maintaining the entire village, but he spends most of his time on the Buckley estate, tending to the rare and exotic plant specimens there.

MOTHER Lindsey is the head of the local council. Her main concerns are education and the environment, and she is rather cynical of her brother's career of "swindling good people out of their well-earned pockets".

TWIN BROTHER Leo is the head boy at Glen Fallow Community school, working alongside his twin sister as head girl. He's significantly quieter than Renée, but that doesn't mean he is incompetent. In fact, he may even have passed more useful ideas at the School council than his twin. He would like to study law after school.

TWIN SISTER Renée is a political activist with a clear agenda. She has organised many events and initiated many clubs since she was elected as head girl, and the teachers are often overwhelmed by the number of her original suggestions. Between council meetings and homework she likes to dance at the local ballet school.

BABY TWINS Hannah and Kerri are complete opposites. Kerri is loud, brash, and loves to get dirty in the outdoors. Hannah on the other hand is shy and hates the idea of mud. She's often dragged into her sister's adventures however, as Kerri can be rather persuasive.

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